Server Rack

We are pleased to be able to offer hosting independently of our website design services. Unlike some companies, we do not claim to offer unlimited storage or unlimited bandwidth. These terms are entirely fictitious and consequently misleading. However, we believe our hosting packages are fully competitive and offer excellent value for money. Prices shown are annual, to be payed in advance.


(15 pa): Disk: 50Mb; Bandwidth pm: 500Mb; FTP accounts: 1; Email accounts: 5; Email lists: 5; MySQL databases: 1; Subdomains: 1; Parked domains: 0; Addon domains: 0.


(25 pa): Disk: 100Mb; Bandwidth pm: 1Gb; FTP accounts: 5; Email accounts: 10; Email lists: 10; MySQL databases: 2; Subdomains: 5 ;Parked domains: 0; Addon domains: 0;


(50 pa): Disk: 250Mb; Bandwidth pm: 2.5Gb; FTP accounts: 10; Email accounts: 25; Email lists: 25; MySQL databases: 3; Subdomains: 10; Parked domains: 1; Addon domains: 1;


(75 pa):Disk: 500Mb; Bandwidth pm: 5Gb; FTP accounts: 25; Email accounts: 50; Email lists: 50; MySQL databases: 5; Subdomains: 25; Parked domains: 2; Addon domains: 2;


(99 pa):Disk: 1Gb; Bandwidth pm: 10Gb; FTP accounts: 50; Email accounts: 100; Email lists: 100; MySQL databases: 10; Subdomains: 50; Parked domains: 5; Addon domains: 5.

All packages come as standard with cPanel management software, having:

CGI Access; Frontpage extensions; Crontab; PGP/GPG; Addon Cgi Scripts; Interchange Shopping Cart; Agora Shopping Cart; PHPBB2; Chat Rooms; Entropy Banner; Entropy Search; Java Countdown; Java Clock; Counter; Advanced Guestbook; Simple Guestbook; Random Html Generator; Simple Cgi Wrapper; Mysql; PhpMyAdmin; PhpPgAdmin; Email Account Manager; Webmail; Default Address Manager; Autoresponder Manager; Email Filtering Manager; Forwarder Manager; Mailman List Manager; Ability to Change MX; Ability to Trace an email address; SpamAssassin; SpamAssassin Spam Box; BoxTrapper Spam Trap; Ftp Account Manager; Ftp Settings; Backup Manager; Webprotect; Password Change; Customer Error Pages; Mime Types Manager; Apache Handlers Manager; Hotlink Protection; Redirect Manager; Frontpage; Search Engine Submit Tool; Ip Deny Manager; Network Tools; Subdomain Manager; Parked Domain Manager; Addon Domain Manager; Subdomain Stats; Webalizer Stats; Awstats Stats; Analog Stats; Last Visitors Stats; Bandwidth Stats; Error Log; Raw Access Logs; Email Scripts; File Manager; Disk Usage Viewer; Index Manager; Email Domain Forwarding;

We are also pleased to be able to provide Fantastico DeLuxe with all our hosting packages, which allows you to install the following packages automatically:

Blogs: b2evolution; Nucleus; pMachine Free; WordPress

Content Management: Drupal; Geeklog; Joomla; Mambo Open Source; PHP-Nuke; phpWCMS; phpWebSite; Post-Nuke; Siteframe; TYPO3; Xoops

Customer Relationship: Crafty Syntax Live Help; Help Center Live; osTicket; PerlDesk; PHP Support Tickets; Support Logic Helpdesk; Support Services Manager

Discussion Boards: phpBB2; SMF

E-Commerce: CubeCart; OS Commerce; Zen Cart

F.A.Q.: FAQMasterFlex

Guestbooks: ViPER Guestbook

Hosting Billing: AccountLab Plus; phpCOIN

Image Galleries: 4Images Gallery; Coppermine Photo Gallery; Gallery

Mailing Lists: PHPlist

Polls and Surveys: Advanced Poll; phpESP; PHPSurveyor

Project Management: dotProject; PHProjekt

Site Builders: Soholaunch Pro Edition; Templates Express

Wiki: TikiWiki; PhpWiki

Other Scripts: Dew-NewPHPLinks; Moodle; Noahs Classifieds; Open-Realty; phpAdsNew; PHPauction; phpFormGenerator; WebCalendar

E&OE: Products and features listed for cPanel and Fantastico Deluxe are correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing.