Web Design


All our designs begin and end with you. We will come and visit you to discuss your business and how it might best be positioned on the Internet. We look at your current business design elements, if any, and explore alternatives or changes needed for the best online presentation of your image.

We ensure regular follow-ups through the design period, to ensure you are always fully informed, and you get free ongoing telephone and email support for the life of your website.

There are no hidden charges. We do not charge for meetings, telephone calls or emails.


Our e-commerce websites start from 450. If you simply need to be able to sell goods or services on the Internet, this is the one for you. We include one year's free hosting based on our "Mocha" package (worth 99), together with two year's registration of one .co.uk domain (worth 10). Other addresses (e.g. .com may cost more).

Our bespoke website prices start from 300. For this you will get a fully content-managed homepage, allowing you to create additional "subpages" linked off the homepage. All pages may contain text, images, downloads and further subpages. You will also need one of our hosting packages (15-99 per annum, depending on requirements). You automatically get a web address based on our address, but if you want your own web address, there will be a charge for this (currently 10 for 2 years for a .co.uk address - other addresses, e.g. .com, may cost more). Additional pages linked off the main menu will be charged for according to their complexity and effect on the design. Please call us for more information.

Our website design service includes the development of digital artwork, including logo design, if required.

We specialise in content managed website design. Our websites allow you to quickly and easily add content without needing to learn HTML. If you can use an Internet browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can keep your site up to date yourself. For larger organisations we can build in multiple levels of control to permit content management to be devolved to individuals or groups.

Workflow Engineering

Our ability to build in workflow processes to our websites enables your business to implement such mechanisms as order fulfillment within the classic supply chain model. On-line database technology means that your Internet customers will be able to work with the same data you use for your business.


With more than 35 years information technology experience in commercial organisations, we are in a position to advise you on moving all or part of your business operation to the Internet.

Integrity of your Website

We offer low cost add-on offsite backups of your site. These procedures automatically copy key data to servers in a remote geographical location every day, giving you complete peace of mind.